Don't Be Distracted By Comparison

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We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captured by purpose. 

Every time I stop to look to the right and left of me comparing my stride to others it distracts and slows me down. We are all running our own race which is as unique as our fingerprint. We do ourselves a great disservice when we start comparing. 

Another persons life is none of your business. It’s ok to draw inspiration and even learn lessons from the lives we see people live but we must be careful not to covet their life.  We think we want what they have but we have no idea what that life cost them.  Your life is relative to you, what you had to overcome, what you had to endure and push through. Only you know your personal victories.  Your setbacks and triumphs are yours. You earned each and every day. You are here still standing, still running your race. You belong here so please, stop discrediting all of your previous laps. Instead, celebrate the journey and how far you’ve come and continue. 

If you’re reading this your blessed. You’re living another day. 

Happy Tuesday Everyone. Be Blessed & a blessing to others...And stay focused on you! 


A Time To Bloom


Did you know that cacti are flowering plants? Every kind of cactus is capable of blooming when mature. Whether or not an individual plant blooms depends on its age and the care it receives. Some don't bloom until they are more than 30 years old! Others won't bloom, even if they are of age unless they receive proper light, water and fertilization. They can spend their entire lives not reaching their full potential.

I can’t help but compare the viability and potential of a cacti to that of our lives. We are all born with individual purpose and great potential.  We all have our individual appointed times to bloom but so many of us miss it. Why? 

It takes a combination of shining light where there is darkness, being poured into and receiving the truth about ourselves and allowing it to resonate. We need these exchanges from the people around us but we also must have the courage to love ourselves enough to get up, stand under the light and change the way we speak to ourselves.  Then we must turn to our neighbors and do the same. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself about time lines and where you should be by this age. You’re not too old. Remember, cacti don’t reach their full maturity and fully bloom until their 30. Just focus on the pouring, the standing in the sun, soaking up the blessings of the experience and then one day you’ll look up and not only will you be in full bloom but everyone you affected along the way will be blooming in all their glory as well...prickly bits and all. 


The Sweetest Things 1

Sweetest Things 1 Pink.PNG

The Sweetest Things 1

Waking up in peace.

The sun glistening on water, buttons, a perfectly over medium egg,

the smell of fresh jasmine carried by summer heat,

friends, forehead kisses, the feeling you get when you know something for sure.

Blue skies, inspiration, writing,

gelato, loose leaf tea, shaved legs, a good book,

laughter, being seen, holding hands,

art and flowers.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Site.JPG

I find it interesting that we hide and tuck away the parts of us that are so prevalent to someone else. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, you’re revealing something to them and they’re response is, “I know”? If you’re not ready the response can be quite annoying but if you have people close enough to you that create a safe space, that’s golden. 

I’ve realized that sometimes the last person to see us is ourselves. It’s easy to go “Inward” but a challenge to do  our “Inner-Work”. This thought process takes me to when I was a child. My favorite game was Hide & Seek. I loved searching for a dark quiet place to hide, unsuspecting enough to not be found...but did I really not want to be found? Of course I did. I wanted to be discovered and once I was I came out gladly with anticipation of then being the one to discover my playmate. I never met a kid in all those times we played that game who never wanted to be searched for and found. There’s no purpose to the game without the solution to it, right? Lost & Found, Hide & Seek. Just my take on it anyway. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone. I hope someone finds you today.

With Love,