Featured: Jimmie Gorget | Jimmie Cuff | Ahjah Cuff

Featured: Jimmie Gorget | Jimmie Cuff | Ahjah Cuff

Surrender and letting go is scary and yet liberating all at the same time. It is an exposure of vulnerability and honesty we seldom as humans want to confront and explore. It takes courage, guts and trust. It takes being ok with outcomes and relinquishing pride and control and realizing that you never actually were in control in the first place. Surrender puts an emphasis on how small we are and yet how big it is of us to choose it.

I have found that right when I think I’ve mastered surrender, I am presented with an opportunity to become a student all over again. It never ends, It’s a journey. It’s the same with being honest. You don’t look up one day and arrive at being an honest person, you choose it every day just like integrity.

Surrender always feels big even on small things. It’s never easy but over time I can see how far I’ve come and that it has become a lifestyle for me. This Year has challenged me more than ever and I’ve had some pretty challenging years in the past. This year though, I have had to let go without the opportunity to say goodbye. I have had to surrender big things, heart things, deepest desires, even myself and just trust.  It has been quite a ride but what I know for sure is that when I checked my heart, it’s intentions and decided to surrender all the things out of my control I can rest in the fact that all is ok and will be well. I surrender all. 


Distraction Tried To Take My Narrative


There is a real danger in distractions and placing all of your attention on the wrong things. Just like Peter even though Jesus had gone ahead of him to prepare the way. Peter could see power before him but he chose to focus on why walking on water was not for him. He believed he’d surely drown and that he didn’t have the same access to next level existence as Jesus.

When Peter focused on Jesus, his natural instinct was to follow forward. This is important to stop and ponder on for a second. The moment he focused on Jesus he without hesitation leaned in and walked towards him. It was as natural as taking another breath after exhaling. It wasn’t until he broke his focus to look around and discover where his blind faith had taken him that he began to sink. Jesus was already there. If Jesus was there and he was clearly inviting Peter to join him, then “there” defying all natural laws was Peters to tap into and defy as well.

Don’t allow distractions and false security steal your truth and promise. You know the desires of your heart, you know the voice deep within that calls you to more. Don’t allow past disappointments or distractions dictate your current narrative. That way of thinking can leave you broken, depleted and looking at your situation from a perspective of less or loss. The truth is, you are no less in the position you were in before the distraction so keep going. The enemy cannot create anything to really knock you off God’s plans for you but he can deceive you into thinking things that are seen through your filters of fear and doubt are real. Remember all the questions, worries and focus on lack are only there to distract you from your calling and deceive you into thinking you are not your fathers child. You do have super power. You are the offspring of the creator of everything. His gifts were placed in you, his love surrounds you, his grace protects you and he will always lead you to more. He will never lead you over water to drown. He will always lead you over to new levels of faith and reveal where your help cometh from. You can’t do it in your own strength but in partnership with him all the natural rules, gravity included can’t stand a chance against your supernatural anointing. Happy Tuesday Everyone. Be Blessed & A Blessing To Others.



When God's Beautiful Creations Inspire Your Own...

 Featured: Hilliard Lily Hair Broach | Hilliard Lily Cuff

Featured: Hilliard Lily Hair Broach | Hilliard Lily Cuff

If you don’t know me you will find out very quickly that I absolutely love flowers. Besides the obvious at first glance, I like to get below the surface to truly appreciate their beauty.

I am always in awe of how simple and yet complex flowers are. The lines, curves, numerous depths of perception, fragrances and hues are incredibly stunning. As I take them in and all their glory I can’t help but acknowledge their creator and how his creations inspire me to create.

Every time I take formless pieces of wax into my hands and begin to shape and mold it into a petal I imagine the attention and detail God put into every single petal that has ever been even the ones you and I will never see. It’s such a lesson in integrity and craftsmanship. With him it doesn’t matter if eyes are laid on every single floral that has bloomed and still he creates them just as beautiful and brilliant as the ones that are seen and chosen to be on display in meticulously prepared floral arrangements or in the latest issue of design and decor magazines. That understanding alone inspires me to be better at my craft and allow what’s inside to fully blossom and manifest themselves in my pieces. 

As I sit and look at these two works of art I see what God created and what he did through me and I am extremely grateful. Happy Sunday Everyone. Be Blessed & A Blessing To Others.


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Beauty For Ashes: The 61 Exchange

The weight, the shame, the fear, all of it. Only left was a sweet offering of beauty. It was all ok. It was ok to be hurt and broken. It was ok to cry. It was safe to let go, and I am so very thankful that I did. My circumstances may not have changed, but I have because of him and that changes everything. Amen!