Giving Thanks

I'm a little embarrassed that it's been over two months since my first post, but what better time to get back to it than on Thanksgiving.  

As I reflect on what my Thanksgiving looked like a year ago, it brings me to my knees.  I have so much to be thankful for. I can share with you the BIG things but actually it's the little things that have added up to the change and blessing of what is my life. It's the little things that we must stop to pay attention to.  Having 15-30 min of quite time to connect with your spiritual self is a huge blessing wrapped in a few minutes.  Paying bills on time, making it to work on time, the blessing of friends that are like family, having good health grace and joy.  These may all seem small but when you have experienced the flip side of these "little" things you will soon realize they are truly things to be grateful/thankful for.  

I'm thankful to all my customers who get what my heart and these works of my hands are trying put out into the world.  Thank you for your continued support and your choice to collect and add to your Heirloom Collections.  I am truly humbled every time an order is placed.  To choose one of my pieces over the plethora of choices out there is such sweet confirmation and blesses me more than you know.  

If I can leave one thought with you, it would be to always Give Thanks. Even when you can't think of anything, think again and Give Thanks. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



P.S. As my Thank You to you, all purchases are 40% off starting right now until we're all sold out!!