The Instinct To Grow

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS to break out of your repetitive life. Your instincts know there's more so honor them. This is why we admire bravery. It takes courage to speak up, say no, let go, be silent, serve, sacrifice, humble yourself, lead, let go, say goodbye, say hello and tell the truth. 

Sometimes we go through seasons when we must trust our instinct to be silent.  You can't "do life" with anyone but God.  Not all of your friends and family will understand, they may even give you a hard time but that's ok. You have been charged with a focus and plan. Some parts must be held close and you must proceed alone with great discernment. The biggest mistake people make is giving away too much information either before the journey begins or while in process.  Remember Joseph and his dream? 

Give yourself time to live out and process your season before you go telling people all the details of your life.  There will be a time to share but at that time it will be appointed and fully ripened to be used as a testimony and for healing.  Living and testimony, that's what it's all about, right? We don't experience our lives for ourselves. We are here to go through things, come out on the other side and then reach back to bring others along. There's nothing more sacred than the connection experienced between people when they truly see each other and pour into one another from a place of knowing, pure compassion and love.

Are you growing? When a person is truly changing they don't have to make a public service announcement. The evidence is in the life lived.  So I ask, are you going to keep telling and living out the same story or follow your instincts and be about the business of doing it differently this time? You've got too much hope and a future to get comfortable. 

Happy Saturday everyone! Be blessed and a blessing to others.