Journals Of Journeys

Question...Do you ever just stop and observe?  I mean really observe.  There are so many levels to observation.  There's the overall life observation, the personal friends and family observation and then there's self observing. 

As for observing my overall life, I try to do it on a regular basis.  One tool I use which lends itself to be extremely helpful is journaling.  I've been doing so for as long as I can remember and I must say that journaling has been such a gift to me.  It helps me see my story. The story God is writing with my life.  It helps me recognize and understand my patterns, reminds me of what I've been through, reveals my strength and predicts my future.  Journaling has been a key component to my relationship with ME, the one sitting inside observing my WORLD,  THOUGHTS and GOD. 

I love going back and reading where I was a year ago, two years ago even ten years ago. I am so appreciative and thankful that as I read back over SEASONS, TRAILS and TRIUMPHS written on pages, I'm now reading from the other side and I'm fine. I got through. I'm right on schedule. When I started to look at my life as a book/story, I began to understand the chapters and why they had to be in the order in which I had lived them. It's really simple, right?

While I was living out some of my not so warm and fuzzy seasons, I wanted them to go faster or even skip them entirely. Now I'm able to appreciated the gifts they were. The details of my journey have been beautifully and meticulously woven together in perfect timing with perfect approach. Our life journeys can be so complex and yet so very simple if we surrender to them and become STUDENTS of OUESELVES.

Through the years I've gown and changed tremendously but in a lot of ways I'm still just Marion and Judy's youngest daughter and Alesha's little sister, Billie. 





P.S.  This is why you'll always find a journal or stationary of some kind in my Billie Boxes. Here's to journaling the journey.