Drinking At The Fountain

Rome, Italy 2016

I poured myself a glass of water this morning.  As I was drinking I was suddenly taken back to my 8 year old self at Turner Elementary drinking at the fountain right after recess. I remembered how refreshing it was and more importantly how sweet. I never could understand why the water was so sweet. I had drank it enough to know that it wasn't sweet all the time and that it didn't always refresh me.  Now here I am 30 years later and the answer to my "sweet water" question just up and splashed me right in the face. 

There were times I'd drink from the fountain just to wet my mouth, nothing more nothing less. But when I had come to the end of my physical energy level and exhausted myself, I had to go to the fountain to rehydrate and refuel.  As for the sweetness of the water...  I couldn't figure that out.  What I did know was that the water was the only remedy to my thirst, no other drink would satisfy me. I remember holding my breath just so I could get more gulps. I had become an expert at this as it was very important to get the timing of breaths in perfect sync with my gulps to prevent from chocking. I was so thirsty the water couldn't come out the fountain fast enough. It was everything I needed, desired and all that mattered in that moment. 

On the surface it may seem as though I've been talking about an 8 year old, recess and water fountains. That is true. But more importantly I am also talking about a huge life lesson I just gained new perspective on through the experience of remembering that young thirsty girl. What this gift of a memory has given me is yet another truth about life and Gods order of things. When there is a need, we must utilize and tap into the source of that need, no substitutions will suffice. We must rejoice in the moments of lack because plenty will surely follow.  We must honor the young child we once were. It is a blessed gift to go back and see the world through those inquisitive young eyes. Pieces from our past can serve us and speak directly into our present and future. Last, nothing is as "sweet" as when you worked for it, endured for it, sacrificed for it and ask for the wisdom and grace to see it through to the other side.  Do not just do things because you can. Be intentional regarding everything, even the little things.  I'd pass the water fountain in the hall to take a drink when I wasn't even thirsty. The result was always the same, a waste of water. When I really needed it, when I had run my little heart out in that hot Texas sun until I could run and play no more, the water came out perfect, cold, refreshing and "sweet" every single time. 

Moral of the story...There has never been or will ever be a circumstance you will find yourself in that the appointed solution for that particular problem can't fix.  Substitutions will always leave you thirsty. Be about your business of accessing and utilizing the specific things designed to build you back up and then step aside and let the next man/woman in line have their turn at the fountain. There's not enough to waste but plenty to quench everyone in need. 

Have a beautiful blessed Saturday everyone. Remember, love liberates.