New Year.jpg

This last year my faith was tested so much I felt it was an endless on my knees in prayer type of year. Looking back I wouldn't change nothing for my journey now as it drew me ever so close to my Lord in a way that only that type of breaking and building can do. 

In the midst of it all, so many promises came to pass. My sister, mother and I crossed the pond to share space and time with our beautiful family in London. Love you Beany and Robey! We experienced the most epic flight ️from London to Paris. It was a hoot. The Polish know how to party on a plane. World Cup! We ended each evening in Paris with a smorgasbord of treats spread across the bed as we binge watched Peaky Blinders. If you haven't watched, I suggest you go do that... Fell in love with Venice and met and were blessed by Pope Francis in Rome. What a moment of living out destiny! To see the look on my mothers face as he approached was a gift far beyond words. So grateful. 

Solange's album gave me LIFE. I made it through the election. Had brunch in a castle, made some crosses, adopted two bunnies, drank a lot of tea, celebrated my mothers 70th birthday, sketched and painted on a terrace in Rome, Celebrated my fathers 77th birthday, stopped to smell the roses, prayed I'd make it to the gas station before I ran out of gas more than once and laughed a lot. 

Having those joyous moments were equally matched with times of sorrow. Losing dear family members and friends, health scares, challenging moments of faith to see the other side of the enormous mountains that lay before me.  Saying goodbye to people and having the courage to say hello to new ones. 

Where I lacked, God filled in. When I was tired, he orchestrated shifts in my life to accommodate me. He shook things up, woke me up and held a mirror to my face time and time again to remind me of who I am, who's I am, where I'm headed and how far I've come. 

2016 has come and gone and I'm so glad I didn't build a house there. Just pitched my tent on the way to what's mine to have.