Flowing Into 2018

So I waited until I could sit another day in 2018 to articulate the feeling of what this year represents for me. 

I brought it in differently this year which was significant and at a unique and equally significant time in my life. I have never been more of a woman than I am now, never more content with my journey and my trust and understanding of how beautiful, colorful and rich in love God has orchestrated my life experiences.  I am fortunate. My life is not perfect but I am blessed. 

2017 showed me that right when I thought I’d mastered something I became a student all over again...literally.  It also showed me how I was living a life of routine and at different points throughout the year perfectly timed elements were introduced. A shaking up by a simple phone call, a tug of a hand out of a car, and decisions to leap and do it scared have stretched me far beyond my expectations. I began to reap the benefits of the situational practice of patience I learned starting in 2015 and living a life of intension and integrity that began to manifest itself in 2016. It was hard and lonely at times but necessary.  This past year I spoke up and asked questions. I spoke my mind and did my research. I was humbled by change and challenged to not run, judge or give up on people. I was challenged to see and not just look. There’s a difference. I dug deeper in order to come out on the other side a little better,  ready and open for 2018. 

Now that I’m in this writing groove my outlook is becoming a bit more clearer. I find it interesting that I couldn’t quite grasp how I felt about the coming year before sitting down to write. While most people talk of wanting to leave the previous year behind and move to the start of everything new, I couldn’t identify but was unable to articulate why. Now I’m beginning to see. For me the past year has been preparation, an opening up, a lesson, a readying season. I’m thankful for it and and I will respect it by not rushing it away to be forgotten. It was good to me. Now, I just simply look ahead and continue this ordered and natural flow...

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Be Blessed & A Blessing To Others