When God's Beautiful Creations Inspire Your Own...

Featured: Hilliard Lily Hair Broach | Hilliard Lily Cuff

Featured: Hilliard Lily Hair Broach | Hilliard Lily Cuff

If you don’t know me you will find out very quickly that I absolutely love flowers. Besides the obvious at first glance, I like to get below the surface to truly appreciate their beauty.

I am always in awe of how simple and yet complex flowers are. The lines, curves, numerous depths of perception, fragrances and hues are incredibly stunning. As I take them in and all their glory I can’t help but acknowledge their creator and how his creations inspire me to create.

Every time I take formless pieces of wax into my hands and begin to shape and mold it into a petal I imagine the attention and detail God put into every single petal that has ever been even the ones you and I will never see. It’s such a lesson in integrity and craftsmanship. With him it doesn’t matter if eyes are laid on every single floral that has bloomed and still he creates them just as beautiful and brilliant as the ones that are seen and chosen to be on display in meticulously prepared floral arrangements or in the latest issue of design and decor magazines. That understanding alone inspires me to be better at my craft and allow what’s inside to fully blossom and manifest themselves in my pieces. 

As I sit and look at these two works of art I see what God created and what he did through me and I am extremely grateful. Happy Sunday Everyone. Be Blessed & A Blessing To Others.


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