Journey To The Eiffel...

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

So this moment is on the other side of a loooong trek. Sissy and I decided to walk from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower. This seemed like a perfect idea as we’d give ourselves a chance to walk, explore and take in all the beauty Paris so stunningly gives. Our only problem was we didn’t have a map or reliable Wi-Fi to help guide us. All we had to go by was the tip of the Eiffel in the distance. 

We walked and enjoyed and walked some more. We kept walking and walking and walking... Were we ever going to get there? We had walked too far to turn back but the tower still seemed to be so far away. We had managed to get lost between streets and it was getting later in the evening. Quite frankly we began to focus more on the fact that we we’re lost and that it was getting dark than on the promise of making it to the Eiffel.  We just kept walking, looking up and trusting we were going in the right direction. 

Eventually we turned down this quaint little cobblestone street, walked up about 50 paces and Voila! Out of nowhere we were standing right at the base of the Eiffel. No tourist, no noise, just a beautiful intimate treasure of a moment just for us to sit in and capture. 

We’d never seen this side of the tower before. The times we previously visited were overwhelmed by a see of tourist and vendors but this, this was special. This was a gift. 

I couldn’t help but thank God for the moment. I couldn’t help but see it as a metaphor for life and my current season. God reveals promises to us but then we must journey towards it. Halfway through we want to give up, it seems so far away. Things begin to dim and the promise is almost unrecognizable. We want to quite but we’ve come too far to give up so all there is left to do is trust and give in to the process. We can’t focus on the fear or the distractions around us. We must look up and stay focused on the promise, trusting blindly and exercising our faith. All of a sudden when you least expect it you find yourself there, safe and sound, in the moment and in the promise. It’s better than you could have ever imagined and then you realize that every twist and turn and every decision you thought was wrong or got you off track actually contributed to you getting where you needed to be. You realize that you were being both pushed and guided all along by a sovereign hand. 

The magnitude of it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. I’m so thankful, so very thankful. 

With Love,