Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Site.JPG

I find it interesting that we hide and tuck away the parts of us that are so prevalent to someone else. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, you’re revealing something to them and they’re response is, “I know”? If you’re not ready the response can be quite annoying but if you have people close enough to you that create a safe space, that’s golden. 

I’ve realized that sometimes the last person to see us is ourselves. It’s easy to go “Inward” but a challenge to do  our “Inner-Work”. This thought process takes me to when I was a child. My favorite game was Hide & Seek. I loved searching for a dark quiet place to hide, unsuspecting enough to not be found...but did I really not want to be found? Of course I did. I wanted to be discovered and once I was I came out gladly with anticipation of then being the one to discover my playmate. I never met a kid in all those times we played that game who never wanted to be searched for and found. There’s no purpose to the game without the solution to it, right? Lost & Found, Hide & Seek. Just my take on it anyway. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone. I hope someone finds you today.

With Love,