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Authentic Brand Management 

I am naturally a very visual being. I always have, can’t help it. I like to style my meals even if they are at home with no guest. I must have fresh flowers in the spaces I dwell at all times and when I present myself whether through my writing, my jewelry line, my travels or sharing my entrepreneurial experience I do it with consistency and with an honest fluidity that resonates. I love people. I love learning about people and helping guide them, especially their businesses to sincere connections with their clients.

When I launched Billie Hilliard I imagined it’s success but I never imagined how big of an impact it would have personally on my customers. They accept me, believe in my brand, are empowered by it and live it.

Whether your company needs rebranding or you are just taking the leap, it is the most important element of your business and must never be approached haphazardly. Your brand is your companies conversation to the world.  If just thinking about it sends you into a panic don’t worry, it’s not your thing but is mine and I would love to bring forth your authentic conversation.

I can't wait to hear all of your ideas and vision but until then, here are some things to think about…

 • What do you want your brand to say?

 • What is your brand doing?

 • Why is your brand needed?


This will be a new and refreshing way of doing business so please feel free to start the conversation and fill out the form below.

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